Our sliding bearings applying "PILAFLON" are used widely in civil and building fields. These applications are being expanded more and more to various products, such as connecting corridors, roof beams, bridges and seismicary isolated building, piles or the like, not only reducing damage to buildings that is caused by an earthquake, etc. but enabling economical design.

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Special Type: For cases that bridge

There are three types of Pot Bearing, fixed, guided and free movable. Rubber pad which is the key component of Pot Bearing is completely enclosed in a steel pot. Under high pressure the pad loses it is stiffness and allows tilting movement around any horizontal axis due to its capacity to deform. Protected from squeezed out from base pot by seal rings the rubber pad can take huge loads because of it is non-compression. PTFE which is stable and has a low friction factor (≦0.03) form a excellent sliding surface with stainless steel for movable bearing. Each bearing has a dust-protecting device to protect rubber pad and PTFE.


Design type (RC Bridge、 PC Bridge、Steel Structure Bridge)

  • Free Movable Bearing (with Hold Down Device)
  • Guided Bearing (with Hold Down Device)
  • Fixed Bearing (with Hold Down Device)
  • Design Standard:
    • AASHTO 1996
    • EN1337 (Europe Pot Bearing Standard,Taiwan high-speed railroad’s main design depended)、BS5400 (England Pot Bearing Standard)

Pot Bearing Characteristic:

  • Simulate roller and hinge perfectly, and low rotation stiffness.
  • Lightweight and take extreme vertical and horizontal load.
  • Exchanging can be done within uplifting the bridge 10mm.
  • Easy exchanging, observation and maintenance.
  • Large horizontal movement with the low friction factor of PTFE.
  • Low thickness.
  • Long life-cycle and economic.
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Suffer uplift forces, anti-uplift Pot Bearing can be applied. Hold down devices is used to prevent Bearings from separation in those cases. When the bridge using for Incremental Launching Method or Advanced Shoring Bridge Construction, Pot Bearing can also apply as wedge plate with proper slope.

Simulate Hinge: Fixed Bearing can accommodate vertical and horizontal load, and don’t move in any direction.

Simulate Roller: Guided Bearing can accommodate vertical and transverse horizontal load, and move along the longitudinal direction.

Simulate Hinge: Free Movable Bearing can only accommodate vertical load. it doesn’t bear any horizontal load and it can move free.


Pillar Insulation Material Series H-Shaped Insulation Gasket No.4020

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Pillar Insulation Material Series Insulation Shoe Type I Insulation Shoe Type Ⅱ
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Pillar Insulation Material Series PILAFLON PTFE Envelope Gaske

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Pillar Insulation Material Series PILLAR AC Bolts (Insulation Bolts)
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Biaxial Shear Sliding Evaluation Test
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FLUOROGOLD with Top Plate Under Stairs
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Inclined Slider Bearing

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Pillar FLUOROGOLD Slide Bearing
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