Exemption matters

This company takes extreme care to assure that the information provided on the website of this company is correct and useful. Nevertheless, it is to be acknowledged that whether such information is correct, updated, safe, or whether it is suitable to the user’s purpose is not assured. The information put on the website of this company may subject to change or delete without notice. This company may interrupt or discontinue the operation of its website without notice. It is also to be acknowledged that this company is not fully responsible for any damages resulting from the use of website, from the failure to use the website, computer virus, etc.


Purposes to gain/utilize personal information

1. Purposes to gain/utilize personal information

  • Nippon Pillar Singapore Pte Ltd.(hereafter to be referred to as “NPS”) will strive to gain the personal information, using proper and fair means within the range of which purpose to fulfill the work is obvious and within the limit to achieve the purpose.
  • As to handling of personal information, NPS will not utilize the personal information out of range of pre-designated utilization purpose.

2. Provision of personal information to the third party.

  • NPS will not disclose or provide the personal information to the third party unless it is so agreed by the principal except when it is legally stipulated and when there is a due reason.
  • When the personal information is consigned to the third party, NPS will let the consigner execute the proper control such as safety control of personal information, maintenance of confidentiality, prohibition of re-consignment, etc.